Omen by Disclosuire ft Sam Smith (Review)

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

I’m sure most are aware that Sam Smith had to take a break from singing and postpone is his touring schedule due to health implications on his vocal chords in which he required surgery and rest and it appears this has done him the world of good as for the first time in a while Sam is back featuring on Disclosure‘s new track ‘Omen’.

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Disclosure are doing amazing things right now and with each track they release they showcase more and more of their talent and this latest track is no disappointment. With super cool electric beats throughout the track it oozes such a great feeling and I think they made a great choice in choosing Sam Smith for the vocals as his soulful sound melts throughout.

Since the first time I heard the track I’ve had it on repeat and I think i’ve almost learnt all the words already! I love the way sounds and if you listen carefully to the lyrics you can begin to understand the true meaning of the song and how loving it is. I like the way the track goes up and down and slows down as it gets into the hook and chorus. Taking it back to clear vocals with simple beats is a recipe for success for sure. I have to admit it’s growing on me as one of my favourite releases this year and definitely by Disclosure.

I think they have even more amazing things to come and I would love to go see them performing live as I think the atmosphere would be that of an incredible one. Definitely keep your eyes open for more from these guys!

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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