Threads by Sarah Harding (Review)

Review of Threads by Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding unveils her debut solo single Threads and becomes the final piece of the Girls Aloud solo jigsaw.  Now, every girl has released solo material, if any confirmation was needed, this probably puts the final nail in the Girls Aloud coffin.  Its a busy time for Sarah, appearing in Coronation Street, filming her video for threads, going on Masterchef, releasing an EP, telling the world how in love she is and then splitting days later.  It feels like Sarah is desperate to make her mark and create longevity for herself in the public eye.

But what about Threads? Is it any good?

Threads does stay true to Harding’s Girls Aloud heritage.  Despite Sarah herself saying its a bit “rock chick” it mainly plays true to her Girls Aloud early days.  A little bit edgy, very pop-y and full of sassiness.  If you liked Girls Aloud, you will love this.  Threads is a proper pop tune, not pretending to be complex music with sophisticated structures.  Not lacing dance backing or a complimentary rapper.  This is pure pop.



In the delivery, you can tell Harding can actually sing.  It does feel like the auto-tuner is a bit heavy in points though.  Don’t let that fool you, Sarah Harding delivers some great pop vocals with a good hook.

Threads has received a bit of a different reaction from the music press than her original recordings.  Rather than a-list on Radio 1, Threads got played on Radio 2, showing this is more likely to appeal to her previous fans than attract a new audience.  Despite Sarah Harding’s claims this is a gritty track, Threads, featured on her forthcoming EP, isn’t really that gritty at all.  It is however a good pop track and we look forward to hearing more from Sarah Harding in the coming weeks and months.

Well done Sarah.


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