Zombie Barbie by Levitika (Review)

Review of Zombie Barbie by Levitika

These days in music it’s hard to get that sought after ‘edge’ just right. It’s hard to be out there without making the world feel like we’ve seen it all before. Not to mention that every time an artist emerges who is outside that box they’re met with the Marmite effect. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj – people known for strange videos and outrages outfits, people we love to love and love to hate even more. In the alternative world it’s a little harder to have the ‘out there’ effect on your audience when it’s a genre where strangeness is kind of a given. Happily that still doesn’t stop pleasant little surprises popping through every now and then.

Zombie Barbie by Levitika

Zombie Barbie by Levitika

Hailing from the land down under, Aussie born singer Levitika has been oozing strange all over the internet for the last few years, kicking things up a notch in 2015. Things began with ‘Black Rain’, a free download Levitika offered up a few months ago, a harrowing and edgy little number which was a preview of things to come.

Now let loose with all of her creative juices, Levitika has unleashed her latest and most entrancing single ‘Zombie Barbie’. The video is a mash of weird and wonderful make up and costumes, fitting the hard hitting and often haunting sound of the track perfectly. There’s an edge to this rock/electronic mix which is reminiscent of Porcelain & the Tramps (now known as Porcelain Black) in her early Myspace days with a ‘fuck you’ attitude and ‘take no shit’ lyrics. Powerful vocals and punching riffs make this well produced track a true testament to what this Aussie bad ass is capable of.

If music like this is Levitika’s opening act, I really can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

You can help her out on this journey by supporting her latest Kickstarter project here:


Zombie Barbie’ is OUT NOW and available for download:


Review by Hev Bailey


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