A Last Will by Darktribe (Review)

Review of A Last Will by Darktribe

Forming in 2009, Darktibe have taken their metal edge and melodic song writing and slowly but surely climbed their way in to adoration and success in this dark world of ours. Their first EP ‘Dark Defender’ gained them instant recognition and interest from music peers and their debut album ‘Mysticeti Victoria’ (which followed in 2012) enabled them to tour with the likes of Girlschool, Killers, Nightmare and many more incredible international metal acts.

A Last Will by Darktribe

A Last Will by Darktribe

This year they’re back and waiting to unleash their next album ‘The Modern Age’ on the world (mixed and mastered by the man behind many of Primal Fear’s infamous sounds – Jacob Hansen), hoping that their classic metal vibes will bring them even more success and recognition than their previous endeavours.

Our first taste of this promise comes in the form of single ‘A Last Will’. This track is the perfect example of the evolution of metal over the last 15 years, encompassing many sounds from different corners of hardcore such as classic Iron Maiden, Pantera and even a little whisper of HIM – the more melodic side of metal. The song is a melting pot of piercing riffs and climaxing choruses, a true testament to the statement that metal is more alive and well than ever.

Having made a name for themselves through touring relentlessly and building their strengths on being a powerful live act, it’s intriguing to think how they will transfer this honest and, as the band puts it, ‘more personal’ album to the stage. Hopefully we won’t have too long to wait.

For more information and to listen to the single ‘A Last Will’, head over to the band’s website at: http://darktribe.fr/

The album The Modern Age’ will be available starting from July 21st on Scarlet Records.

Review by Hev Bailey


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