Coming Home by Leon Bridges (Album Review)

Review of Coming Home the Debut Album by Leon Bridges

When I first heard the name Leon Bridges, I thought we were speaking about a footballer playing for one of the lower top flight league clubs, Crystal Palace or the like.  Much to my surprise we were actually talking to about a talented 25 year old Texan singer.

Leon Bridges Coming Home

Leon Bridges Coming Home

Leon Bridges may not be known to the masses, but with the release of his debut album Coming Home, it feels like he is on a one man mission to revive the once prolific southern soul scene.  The scene has pretty much vanished from contemporary music, but Leon’s attempt to revive deserves much credit and proves there is life in the “old dog” yet.

Given the leanings of Leon Bridges style, it comes as a bit of a surprise that his biggest supporters are prog-rock group White Denim.  In fact they support so much they are given production credits to this ensemble, showing what a multi-talented bunch they are.

In terms of Leon Bridges , he has a voice that sounds like melted chocolate.  He is smooth but with a slight bite, but the album fails to show off much range.  It feels like we aren’t really pushing Bridges to his means, or perhaps we are and he doesn’t possess a huge variation to his vocal range.  That isn’t a criticism though, as what he does deliver is lovely.  However if there isn’t more to him he could become Texas’ Whitehouse Family on not Seal.

In the opening (and title) track Coming Home, we hear Bridges extended a little.  Sadly there are hints that his voice strains a little and maybe the substance isn’t there.  The collection is probably best described as nice and easy listening, with nice lyrics and good delivery.

The most emotional track is Lisa Sawyer, a tribute to his mum.  In this track you feel his heart flow and you can detect his idolisation of his mum.

Coming Home is a nice debut that shows some promise, however we need to see a lot more in the future from Leon Bridges to ensure he has a career with longevity.  I think its in there. I’m just not sure we have go there, just yet.


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