No Place In Heaven by Mika (Album Review)

Review of No Place In Heaven by Mika

So Mika is obviously best known for monster hit Grace Kelly, his OTT, camp, feel good pop hit.  He has had a few hits since and a couple of renaissance moments.  However, how difficult is it to follow up something so massive as that?  Ask Meghan Trainor, Ikona Pop, Natalie Imbruglia, Right Said Fred et al.

Mika No Place In Heaven

Mika No Place In Heaven

Mika is a bit more than a one hit wonder though and the fact that No Place in Heaven is his fourth long play release is testament to this.  He may not get Radio 1 playlist anymore, but people are still buying his music, hence its release on Virgin EMI.

The Brit Award winner has had a bit of a break from the UK recently, but now he is back with No Place in Heaven and trying to make a bang.  He provides us with an offering that attempts leanings towards the size of Freddie Mercury. Mix in the campness of Abba.  Then put a sprinkle of maturity of Billy Joel.  Do the ingredients make a sweet slice of cake or a rhubarb crumble you might experience on Celebrity Masterchef (no sugar).

Well, Mika has put some biographical elements in and tries to lend some of his personal experience and learnings in the album.  Sadly though, that doesn’t work.  Its great that as an artist he is trying to develop and mature, however, thats not what we want from Mika.  We want effervescence, we want camp, we want big.

Last Party, which is an ode to Freddie Mercury is one of the highlights of No Place in Heaven.  Mika delivers a great pop track which he presents in a tasteful, yet truly Mika way.  Sadly, that is the highlight and only highlight in a pretty poor collection of tunes.

Particular low points are the title track, No Place in Heaven and Hurts where Mika tries to become Robbie Williams or some other anthem performer.  Sadly Mika doesn’t do this.  The album doesn’t do this and in all honesty Mika, you should have probably stayed away from the UK for a little bit longer.


13 thoughts on “No Place In Heaven by Mika (Album Review)

  1. Speak for yourself! It’s hard enough for his fanbase here to push for airplay of his songs, and your last asinine remark doesn’t make it easier. Okay, you don’t like the album, but keep the stupid remarks to yourself!

  2. I totally agree with the comment above. I have a copy of No Place In Heaven and, in my view, it is a splendid piece of work, from a true, classically trained musician. It is pure stripped back pop, with no electronics and no auto tune on Mika’s wonderful voice. If the album is not to your taste, then that’s okay, but your review is, quite frankly, insulting to this genuine artist and his fans.

  3. Why is the author of this review insulting all the people who really like Mika´s new album? He makes us look like stupid Little donkeys only because he doesn´t like the music or didn´t get into it. I´m really hurt for me, all of his fans and for Mika.
    Btw if you really would have heard the lyrics yoú would have seen how deep they are!

  4. That’s what *we* want from Mika?! No, *we* want an artist who is true to himself, instead of trying to please certain music critics, who, in all honesty, should rethink their job choice if they write useless rubbish like this.

  5. The problem I have with this review is it comes off as extremely biased. It’s trying to speak for all of his fans saying “this isn’t the Mika we want” and “we want this from him and that from him” when that’s an incredibly unfair and untrue thing to say. Just because you’re stuck in 2007 it doesn’t mean the rest of us are. I’m not trying to speak for the entire fanbase either because like I stated, that would be irresponsible, but being a part of said fanbase and knowing tons of other fans, reading what people are saying online from all over the world, seeing the reactions on video from countless gigs and TV shows, thus far I can say without doubt that overall everyone seems to appreciate this new album and this new Mika. Personally, I’m glad he’s not 2007 Mika anymore. Doing the same thing over and over and over is destructive for an artist in so many ways. I always believed he was more than campy, over-the-top, flamboyant pop music (as people such as yourself always love to label him as). He’s a true artist, and with that comes a multi-faceted creative personality, a flexibility and innate hunger to transform oneself and push your own boundaries; an eagerness to grow and evolve. Something that you and every other narrow-minded listener seems to lack. I have enjoyed watching Mika evolve, I have enjoyed what his music has become and moreover I am proud of the person and artist he has become. You make it sound like him being more open and honest in his music is a bad thing, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s an inspiring example of self-examination of one’s life, an understanding of oneself, and a willingness to put it out there for others to hear. My life motto is “you never know who needs to hear your story” which is why I also make a point to be honest with others and unafraid/unashamed to share. I think despite whether you feel this openness on the album worked or not (for you) you can’t deny the fact that it is something to be applauded. Also, whether you realize it or not he has always been this way. Even the “big camp” songs you love so much are biographical and intensely personal. The only difference is now it’s a more straight-forward message without distraction or disguise. This is the new Mika: the person who knows who he is and isn’t afraid of it. It’s a Mika who I believe to be quite admirable and capable of anything. Maybe you should have listened a little closer before calling him a Robbie Williams wannabe, because I can tell you for a fact he’s not trying to be anything or anyone but himself. But if you can’t handle this Mika maybe it is better for you to stay in your protective 2007 bubble. As for the rest of us, we’ve moved on. Also, his big hit was “GRACE Kelly”, not “Gene Kelly”. For someone who seems so stuck on that phase of Mika’s career, you’d think you would know what the song is called.

  6. Everyone has the right, not to likE THE album but what I read reminds me to a jealous and angry little child. Mika never said he wants to be a “new” Robbie Williams. Fot god’s sake he is NO COPY- Mika IS MKa. A briiliant singer and one of the vest performers I’ver ever seen( and I saw much). i also don’t like the music and high pushed albums of some aritsts, But I respect their work and also their fans, Same right should be applied fpr Mika and his fans. Think about it.

  7. You can make his review, like or dislike the album but what was extremely disagreeable: the lack of respect in his awful words: “‘you should have probably stayed away from the UK for a little bit longer”. SO RUDE words.
    “Mika tries to become Robbie Williams” ?? Really??
    OMG you know nothing about Mika …
    Mika is an amazing artist with incredible talent, I think NPIY is a remarkable work.
    Go study and learning more ok.
    From Brazil

  8. Just a follow up to my last comment because I forgot to touch on this and I feel it’s important:

    From a review standpoint this comes across as unprofessional and lacking quite a bit in terms of being an informed writer. There is no statement of this being your opinion as in “in this reviewer’s opinion…” or the like, there is only diverting responsibility for your views onto everyone else and trying to speak for them, which I can tell you, unless you possess supernatural powers or come from another planet where you are able to get inside someone’s head and use their voice, you can’t do. You are only speaking for you, please make that clear and don’t assume everyone else feels the same way.

    I don’t know if you are actually a fan/follower of Mika or not, but it certainly does not come across as such. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who actually don’t think Grace Kelly is his best song nor is it their favorite. Constantly going back to it as the prime example of his best work or how he should be making his music just proves how out of touch you are with who he is as a person and artist.

    Lastly, I just have to make clear that I don’t ever comment on these kinds of things. Everyone gets negative reviews, not everyone is going to like your work and that’s fine. We all have the right to an opinion. However, what drove me to comment was the fact that this “review” came across as nothing more than someone complaining about why Mika isn’t making the same music he did in 2007 or why he sounds like other artists. Firstly, if his older music is what you like, listen to that. It’s fine to not like his newer stuff but don’t blindly bash it just because it’s not to your taste. Secondly, just because one song sounds like another it doesn’t mean the artist is copying or trying to be like someone else. Your favorite go-to Grace Kelly actually talks about this and the fact that the music industry loves to compare because it can’t handle anything original. Mika has never been someone you can put in a box. Yes he has derived influence from other artists, he has said so himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s trying to be like them. I don’t understand why music can’t just be enjoyed for what it is or why artists can’t be inspired by one another and it be left at that instead of it becoming this childish drama fueled thing of “oh he’s just trying to be like this person…” We really need to stop that kind of thinking. Thirdly, and this is the most important point I need to make, if you are a reviewer you have to be informed, you have to be objective, and you have to have evidence to back your opinions. In this article there is no evidentiary support given to substantiate your claims as to why this is a poor album. There is no depth, only someone bitterly espousing that they think this album sucks. I do not agree with anything you said but if you had presented it in a way in which I could understand and that didn’t insult the people who like Mika and the album in the process, I at the very least could have respected you for it. Maybe something to think about for future reviews.

  9. Its great to see so many people with such strong views about an artist that they obviously love. The fact that the site has published all of your comments, some constructive, some direct and some quite offensive, shows that Music Eyz are all about free speech and freedom to express views.

    The thing is, that is exactly what Music Eyz did on this occasion, something most of you took exception to. The exact things you are criticising the site of, is the behaviour some of you are displaying in your comments.

    At the end of the day, whether they wrote the review to gain attention as some of you say in your sad little forum or whether or not every word was meant, you are not letting them have their freedom.

    Mika is passed it. Music Eyz wrote a very fair review. IMO too fair, I think the album is shocking and the man has no place in modern pop music.

    There, I said it, freedom of speech and I said it.

  10. Wow wow wow, such hatred coming from Mika fans. Get over yourselves. You’re a joke and so is he. Big up to Musiceyz for stating the truth and not trying to hide behind commercialism to gain favour like most blogs do.

  11. What a bunch of t***s! None of these comments are constructive in any way and just sound like a bunch of die hards fans throwing hissy fits. I adore Mika, but, people are entitled not too. Guys, seriously…it’s only a little review!! Which is essentially just another person’s opinion. Mika wont die a nasty, pain wracked death from it. Calm the F! down. If you like the album, buy it! Like me! Stop embarrassing other Fans. God.😡

  12. Your welcome, I actually think he’s more of a cult/ niche artist, anyway. But stuff like fans are spewing on here is the reason I NEVER joined MFC…xxx

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