Glasgow Stranger by We Came From Wolves (Review)

Review of Glasgow Stranger by We Came From Wolves

We’ve been in love with Scottish rock for a while now in the music industry, something about those epic guitar heavy choruses and rolling r’s are making the rest of the world weak at the musical knees.

We Came from Wolves are the latest group of lads looking to woe us, and they already had an impressive start last year with their EP Paradise Place which was well received by awaiting audiences.

Glasgow Stranger by We Came From Wolves

Glasgow Stranger by We Came From Wolves

This year they’re back, new music and UK tour dates nestled snuggly under each arm as they continue to trudge through the rock scene, gathering praise from the likes of Rock Sound and BBC Radio One. With a sound that’s as interesting as their band name, curiosity around the music camp is definitely growing.

Glasgow Stranger’ is their latest unveiling and it’s catchy as hell! Their sound is reminiscent of early Twin Atlantic (come on, we’re talking about Scottish rock here how could we not bring them up?) and a little hint of Reverend & The Makers. They’ve used their three and a half minutes well, filling every second with pleasing melodies and a hard driving rock rhythm ready to kick us in to summer with this struggle of the 20 something’s jam. It’s definitely a promising introduction to an album that will hopefully bring much more of the same.

Their self-titled debut album hit the airwaves June 1st Saraseto Records.

Their UK tour dates are as follows:

18th June – Corinna – Perth

19th June – Beat Generator – Dundee

20th June – The Green Rooms – Perth

21st June – Fanny by Gaslight – Kilmarnock

Review by Hev Bailey


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