My Top 5 – Nazaneen Ghaffar

My Top 5 – Nazaneen Ghaffar

Its that time of year when we listen to every word they say, checking if we need a coat or a bikini.  The weather presenter i an integral part of British life.  Nazaneen Ghaffer is one of the best in the business and presents on Sky’s Sunrise with the legend that is Eamomn Holmes.  In addition, Nazaneen presents the weather outlook for all the major sporting events.

Nazaneen is fanatical about weather which you can see on the screen, however she tells us what music gets her going every day as well.  This is Nazaneen Ghafar‘s Top 5

Sky News weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar shares herTop 5

Nazaneen Ghaffar shares herTop 5

Don’t Stop Me NowQueen

One of my favourite songs of all time – it’s always on repeat when I’m getting ready to go out and I never get tired of it. I’m a HUGE Queen fan, in fact we once had Brian May on Sky News and although I never get star struck I was super shy and quiet when I was sat next to him on the Sunrise sofa. However, I did pluck up the courage to get a snap with him…cue cheesy fan photo….

Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

GalvaniseChemical Brothers

This is my go to track for a run. It’s seems to motivate me with a good beat to pace myself with and it samples a song that has a Persian vibe to it – which is probably what attracts me to it as well.

Club TropicanaWham!

Cheesy I know, but when the sun is shining I love to blast this one out of my car. It makes me feel like I’m on holiday!

Piano Concerto No.1Tchaikovsky

I love listening to classical music and Tchaikovsky is my favourite composer. If I’ve got to sit down and concentrate on an important weather story then I stick on some classical music, it seems to help me focus better. It may have something to do with my Dad apparently playing classical music a lot when my Mother was pregnant with me.

Composer Peter Tchaikovsky

Composer Peter Tchaikovsky

Pump ItBlack Eyed Peas

Another great tune to listen to before I go out and it reminds me of my university days!

Nazaneen Ghaffar is actively on Twitter, where you can follow her Nazaneen Ghaffar Twitter


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