My Top 5 – Kirsteen O’Sullivan

My Top 5 by Kirsteen O’Sullivan

We speak to Kirsteen O’Sullivan a well known presenter in the UK and Ireland.  She shares her ecclectic music tastes in the latest in our My Top 5 series.

Kirsteen O’Sullivan is a Scottish TV and Radio Presenter based in London. She’s worked for McLaren, UEFA, FIFA and the Premier League, as well as hosting at the London 2012 Olympics and the Invictus Games. She’s currently working on a number of motoring projects and presents all things entertainment and travel on Magic’s breakfast show Magic in the Morning, weekdays from 6am.

Presenter Kirsteen O'Sullivan

Presenter Kirsteen O’Sullivan

Black by Pearl Jam 

This is my all time favourite song by my favourite band! Ten is one of the greatest albums ever made and I still stick it on from time to time when I’m in the mood for a bit of Eddie Vedder. In my eyes, he’s the best male vocalist in the world. ‘Black’ takes me straight back to my student days, falling in love and running wild. Good times.

Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue

Growing up in Scotland in the 80’s, Deacon Blue was the soundtrack to my childhood and I will love them forever. In a surreal twist we recently hosted a live session with them at Edinburgh Castle on Magic and they were phenomenal. When they played Real Gone Kid it set my heart on fire. Music has the ability to evoke such powerful emotions.

Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue

Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue

Let a Good Thing Go by Gemma Hayes

I was introduced to Gemma Hayes by a good friend who’s a singer/songwriter. She covered this particular track at a live session in Belfast and I was roped into backing vocals! Every time I hear it I’m transported back there, rocking out on stage. Gemma is an incredible talent, her voice is edgy yet vulnerable and slightly haunting. I’ve just bought her new album Bones + Longing, which is brilliant!

The Other Side of Love by Jack Savoretti

I was introduced to Jack’s music last year and instinctively knew he’d be a huge star, his voice is utterly mesmerising. Written in Scars is an addictive album that I can’t stop listening to. I really think it will stand the test of time.

Jack Savoretti on Kirsteen O'Sullivan's Top 5

Jack Savoretti on Kirsteen O’Sullivan’s Top 5

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Everyone needs a happy song on their playlist and this is mine at the moment. If I want to get in the mood for the gym, I put this on full blast and I’m in the zone. It gives me good vibes. I love it.


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