Black Magic by Little Mix (Review)

Review of Black Magic by Little Mix

We all know the back story to Little Mix.  Formed on TV talent show X Factor as Rhythmix and forced to be renamed Little Mix.  Winning the show and signed to Syco, blah blah blah.  The point of this back story is that most acts from the show are carbon copied cheesy pop stars who are forced down a Simon Cowell route.  This is until recently.

Little Mix have started to live up to their feisty “created persona” with a different slant to their profile including saying they are taking control and producing shed loads of their own material.  The biggest step forward is that the girls co-wrote Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea which we reviewed.

Review of Black Magic by Little Mix

Review of Black Magic by Little Mix

Their new single Black Magic has been making waves all over social media recently and for good reason.  The Little Mix girls have given their Little Mixers a great new single.  The track is proper pop but really upbeat.  Its message is inspirational and inclusive to girls of all types.  The girls display their vocal ability albeit within the context of a mainstream pop music track.

The production is as expected but does provide a memorable pop hook that you will be signing or humming long after the track ends.  The fact that Black Magic is also accompanied by a motivational video probably helps the track.  It starts with the girls in a bit of a geeky get-up but then, like a scene of of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, they collectively discover their magical ability and predictably turn all cool and shiny.

They use this ability to make themselves cool, but then to turn the table on the bitchy cool girls.  In one amusing scene they make the cool blonde, cheerleader type blow green smelly gas out her butt.  They then make a clumsy geek cool and allow him to attract the girls.  Finally they spoil everybody’s education and turn their boring lecture in to a dance party.  I love the story and message of the video its just a shame it wasn’t more credible and set in a UK school.

Overall, good pop track and evidence the Little Mix girls are back and on fire.


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