Lucid by Scarlett Taylor (Album Review)

Review of Lucid by Scarlett Taylor

Sitting back on a hot day in Planet Brooklyn, I clicked on the soundcloud music link for Midwestern  enigmatic recording artist Scarlett Taylor. The page opened up and the music player commenced.

Review of Lucid by Scarlett Taylor

Review of Lucid by Scarlett Taylor

     Cinematic epic keyboard synths, reminiscent to dawn arriving after a long nocturnal period. Daylight come! A description, a close up of the artist’s soul. What an intro!
     She puts her heart on her sleeve and it is liberating for the listener, the spectator, to buoyantly float on the river of violin string samples and jagged jigsaw drum breaks. This pyschedlic mistress embraces the vision of her Admiration.
     The mystery of this “Other”, this vision of blue eyes, who has given her meaning to feel the freedom of knowledge of her true self. How enlightening! As we meditate on the soothing vibe, which is like the cooling of the terrain after a scorcher of a day, Scarlett Taylor exits with an old school harmonized Do Wop. Smoke and street lights.
Sour Patch
    Arcade world.
    Dark hallways. A cybernetic metronome. Electronic time lapsed loops, digitally marching on.  A broken heart, in a dramatic realization of the deception, the illusions that had been used to mask, (with reflections on mirrors that were bouncing many shallow and attractive rays) blind the innocent victim of this heart attack, this Cupid-like drive by.
Scarlett Taylor shares her feeling of being stuck in a conundrum, as the beat break beats on. Soldiers, samurais die, cherry blossoms are blown away by the powerful torrents.
   The whirlwind is making her lose her self all together. Rationality, sensibility is deserved to be found as she searches through the influence of her melodic prayers, which are witnessed via the harmonized woe audible in the outro of this precious track.
Purple Bones
      Falling. Back facing the crashing breaks. Seagulls gawk and scream, diving into the deeper ocean yonder. Fathoms under the surface. Up top on the reef, pelicans sit ever so quietly, and watch.
     Under the water, with eyes open, it is all bubbles, sand, brilliant darkness.Milli-seconds of blurry sunbursts.
     Falling deeper, rolling back further into the abyss of the self, so so so deep. Almost infinitely engulfed by the violet sadness, the crimson mourning of the self. Like the precious meat in the artichoke heart, or the twirling deeper into the universal cochlea, our artist’s salty tears collapse down into the very crevice of the absolute black ether. Into the very chromosomes of the build up of life’s experiences. Summing up into one lonesome drop.
I’m Gone
    Copesetic piano chords attract the mind’s eye. There is such strength and certainty in Scarlett Taylor‘s precious voice. Like a soaring phoenix, a golden eagle scanning the environment far below, the music composition engages the listener to let go of it all and truly embrace the unwinding and the mantra of bobbing and head nodding further into the very essence of this here spectacular and mature piece.
Scarlett Taylor narrates this trip through a beautiful soundscape comprised of dark crimson petals, or rather tides, of glorious despair, and successfully portrays the pioneering spirit that rises out of the variety of experiences that make the very quality of the ever evolving human condition, a patchwork within a frame, packed with having, finding, losing, relationships, and vigilantly grasping for the Self through the prevalent mist. Mahalo!
Review by SIPE Star Studio

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