High off My Love by Paris Hilton ft Birdman (Review)

Review of High Off My Love by Paris Hilton ft Birdman

So before I start listening to High Off My Love, the mere fact its Paris Hilton makes me sceptical, nay, cynical, but as it is getting a bit of attention, it feels only right we take a look at it for the lovely readers of Music Eyz.

Paris Hilton High Off My Love

Paris Hilton High Off My Love

The opening bars, sound like an old horror film with chilling off key piano, Then unfortunately Paris Hilton starts to sing, keeping the scarey theme alive, her extremely treated voice, goes through you like somebody scratching their nails down an old school blackboard.  Anyway, moving on.  The opening line says “so you think I’m bad babe” well let me stop you right there Ms Hilton, no I don’t.  I think your music is bad, but not you.

The video uses the old adage sex sells.  With steamy scenes that wouldn’t be lost in a really cheap adult party or low budget specialist interest movie.  The production values in the video to be fair are OK.  The scenes however are over the top and not something we care to see.  The varying points of Paris Hilton‘s voice mixed over each other is annoying.  The overly cheesy dance beats and effect does show that Paris probably had a greater say in the composition than she probably should have.

Why Birdman put his name to this is beyond me, unless he got a BIG pay packet.  His verse is weak and stinks of being shoe horned in to try and garner some credibility.

High Off My Love isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  However, my levels were extremely low.  Poor track that only fans of Paris Hilton will like.  I will leave it though, thanks.


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