Interview with Girl Friend

Music Eyz Interview with Girl Friend

We have been giving Girl Friend some love (that doesn’t sound wrong) for a while now.  Last month, Music Eyz‘s own Hev Bailey caught up with Jake and Armory from the band when they began their tour in Manchester.  Hev talks 80s, Manchester and of course about their tour.

Interview with Girl Friend

Interview with Girl Friend

So It’s the first night of the tour. Are you nervous?

Amory: Uhm, I don’t think we’re nervous. More excited. We’ve been waiting for this for a while, we’ve been in rehearsals for about 2 weeks. We’re itching to get out there and start doing it.

Do you have any pre show rituals that you like to go through?

Amory: We don’t really have any yet. I guess we’ll probably develop them as this is the first sizeable Girl Friend tour.

Do you think you’ll end up doing exercises or drinking a certain drink?

Amory: Uh, well. I don’t drink beer so it’ll be red wine for me. I don’t know if that really a ritual as I enjoy doing that when I’m not playing.

So more like a life ritual then?

Amory: Yes, exactly!

While I was researching Girl Friend I’d read quite a few people saying you bring a lot of the Manchester sound in to your music. Is that something you did intentionally?

Amory: That’s interesting. I’m not sure that’s intentional.

Some people say you can hear a bit of Joy Division.

Jake: I have read that, yeah. It’s definitely not something we’ve tried to do.

Amory: I guess sometimes people project thing that they’re listening to on to you. I’m not sure if I hear anything like Joy Division but maybe things like New Order. It’s not a conscious thing to bring the Mancunian feel but we have lived here for a quite a while so I guess that’s something that’s developed in our subconscious. But those weren’t the influences we were thinking of when we were making this EP.

So what kind of influences were you thinking of?

Jake: A lot of 80’s pop really. Things like Soft Cell.

The 80’s feel does work really well. Do you feel a lot of pressure to have a new sound?

Jake: We don’t approach the song writing or production like ‘this is going to be 80’s’. We just love all that music so that comes through naturally.

Amory: I think the 80’s thing is a sonic thing whereas the song writing is a much more recent thing.

You find different influences musically and different influences lyrically?

Amory: Definitely, yeah. I listen to a lot of 80’s music when I’m writing music but the lyrics come from different things, from jottings down and I go back to the music and develop them when songs are half formed. I don’t really think there’s a certain band or lyricist I take influence from. I’m definitely inspired by them but I’m not thinking of anyone in particular when I’m writing.

When you were making your EP ‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’ did you have any music on whilst you were writing or any films to help the process?

Amory: It was recorded over a long period of time so I’m sure we were listening to a lot of different things.

Jake: Yeah, the songs were written at different times. ‘You Lead The Way’ was written about 2 months ago whereas ‘Stop’ was written 12 months ago so the influences have varied quite a lot.

Amory: Well, I am a tennis lover. And I remember watching the Monte Carlo tennis tournament and they were presenting the winner’s trophy. The sun was setting behind them and I thought ‘You know, that would make quite a good premise for a song!’ So I researched the King and Queen there and I wanted to write some kind of seedy love song about that, but then I thought it would probably never get played there if I did do that – so I put more of a romantic spin on it.

So now that you have this new music and you’re embarking on this big tour – do you have any expectations?

Jake: Well, we’d like to think we’ll gain some new fans. I mean most of the cities we’re going to we’re unknown.

Amory: Yeah, we’re trying to build the support for Girl Friend and looking to get more people on our side.

Lastly, what can everyone expect from Girl Friend in the next year?

Amory: Well, you can expect the EP to be released on the 27th and then beyond that we’re going to go back in to the studio and then do more touring.

Jake: Yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot more gigging. We’ve not toured before so we’re looking forward to this.

Well, we hope to see you back in Manchester soon and hope to be able to grab you for another interview.

Jake: Definitely!

Amory: We’d love to.


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