Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo(Album Review)

Review of Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo

I first came across Tove Lo when she was selected as the sync artist on a boohoo ad.  Since then I have been keeping a close eye on her music.

So what should we expect from the debut album of extrovert Swede Tove Lo.  Well Queen of the Clouds appears to be a little biographical and is split in to three main bodies of thought.  Sex, Love and finally Pain.  This is underpinned by the opening line to Habits “I eat my dinner in the bathtub, then I go to sex clubs” – lovely visions, I’m sure her parents would be very proud.

Review of Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo

Tove Lo Queen of the Clouds

The content of the album is continually laced with sexual references and courts controversy by discussing drug use.  However, it has a genuinely credible feel and doesn’t feel like it is being controversial just for the sake of it.  This is a credible production and not a marketing ploy to gain traction on a controversial profile.

Whilst its difficult to categorise Tove Lo in to any particular genre, so we won’t, pretty much every track has a brilliant hook on it to capture your ears and embed it in your cranium.

Moments and Talking Body are great tracks that embody what Tove Lo is, however the boohoo ad track Not on Drugs is still the triumph.  Its stripped back beats that have a feel they were played by a percussion matched with Tove Lo’s range culminating in a rousing chorus make it a must listen.

Whilst over critics have claimed there are some lows where Tove Lo’s experimental nature went to far, I struggle to find them.  From start to finish, I was embroiled in a musical interpretation of a dark and sometimes seedy world that I am not normally privy too.

I loved Queen of the Clouds and I applaud Tove Lo for an album that doesn’t conform and is obviously from the mould of the artist herself.  Hopefully we can expect big things from Tove Lo.


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