Box Fresh by The Selecter (Review)

Review of Box Fresh by The Selecter

This is a funny time of year. We’re feeling fresh from spring and clinging on to those warmer days where the familiar heat of summer licks at early afternoons with such temptation. Better days are coming and we can feel it. So it’s only right that the music industry starts to churn out songs that make you want to slip on your sunglasses and roll down the car windows, but if the usual dance anthems and indie noise don’t get your summer juices flowing and you’ve got a hankering for something a little more classic – boy, do we have the song for you!

Review of Box Fresh by The Selecter

Review of Box Fresh by The Selecter

Dubbed the pioneers of the 2tone movement in the 80’s, The Selecter are back, bigger and better and bursting with sounds that are fresher than ever (which is a hard thing to accomplish when your back catalogue spans over 30 plus years). Their new track ‘Box Fresh’ is just the feel good jam to slip you seamlessly in to those warmer days. It’s a classic mix of ska, blues and just good old fashioned rock n roll, all wound so perfectly together for free minutes of upbeat, foot tapping, head bopping perfection. With a chorus that urges listeners to take “a box fresh start, a brand new beginning” the song buzzes with positive vibes so contagious it’s hard not to fall in love, even if this is your first listen of these musical giants. With this lively little number their upcoming album ‘Subcultures’ is looking to be the breath of fresh air this often under appreciated corner of the music industry has been looking for.

Armed with new music and a new music video (their first in near 30 years) The Selecter look to take the rest of 2015 by storm and we’re more than willing to get caught up in it. ‘Box Fresh’ will be released June 21st and the album ‘Subcultures’ it set to be released June 15th. You can watch the video for ‘Box Fresh’ here:

Review by Hev Bailey


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