We Run The Block by Bonkaz (Review)

Review of We Run The Block by Bonkaz

The UK underground/grime scene is making big waves at present.  There are few artists that are defining this movement more so than Bonkaz.  MistJam loves Bonkaz and We Run The Block is getting regular play on 1Xtra and Capital Xtra.

We Run The Block has a classic grime sound with basic beats, some effects to form electronic elements of music and gritty rhymes.  The subject matter is pretty dark as well, with topics such as beating up police and a girl that just loves money and seems to be willing to go to any lengths to get it.  It all boils down to Bonkaz essentially saying how he runs things round his way.

Review Bonkaz We Run The Block

Bonkaz We Run The Block

The grittiness of the track has a credible feel to it, when matched with the dark video shot around his area in south London makes it even more icey and dark.  The bars that Bonkaz splits are simple in construction but delivered with skill and passion that is often lacking in modern Hip Hop.

This track has been on the down low for some time, with Bonkaz keeping this under wraps for plenty of time with only those lucky enough to see him live having experienced this.  The end of the track and video show just how down to earth the whole piece is.

Bonkaz has the feel of somebody thats going to break big.  Bonkaz has the potential to be the future of UK grime, so watch out.


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