Get Your Kit Out – Happy Plugs

Get Your Kit Out – Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs are such a great name for lovely ear wear.  The lovely guys at Happy Plugs sent us a lovely set of their latest earphones in a distinctive leopard print style.  So are they all style over substance or do the Happy Plugs live up to their name and make you happy?  We put them through their paces in the latest in our Get Your Kit Out series.


The set we received came in a great piece of packaging.  First off was the stylish stripped back white presentation box with subtle Happy Plugs emblazoned on the box.  Open the box and inside is an incredibly well packaged set of earphones within a hard plastic case.  The phones themselves are delicately placed and intricately placed in the casing and definitely guaranteeing safe arrival of your Happy Plugs.  If there was any criticism, it would be that the lead was quite tightly packed into the casing and was relatively difficult to remove.

Happy Plugs in Packaging

Happy Plugs in Packaging


With the strong brand name and extravagant leopard print design, aesthetically these Happy Plugs look the part.  If there are any blokes reading this other designs are available including a camouflage design, visit Happy Plugs to have a look. The lead from the ear pieces down to the jack plug has a kind of strong/rope feel.  This is a nice touch and gives a sense of quality over the normal wired lead.  The jack plug itself isn’t scrimped on in terms of quality either.

Design is really important to Happy Plugs.  Just looking round their site and seeing a lookbook, these guys treat this like fashion.  Definite quality in terms of design.

Leopard Print Happy Plugs

Leopard Print Happy Plugs


As with most modern earphones the sound is as good and as distinct as their more expensive headphones cousins.  Now Happy Plugs seemed to offer that little bit extra.  In normal terms there is little to no distortion even on the heaviest of basslines.  Quality isn’t compromised at high or low volume and the clarity is first class.  In fact the clarity is so good, while testing them I was listening to Drop It Like Its Hot by Snoop and heard a sound in the background that i had never picked up before.


As with most earphones there were no set-up issues, no fancy software and no added extras.  A literal plug and play.

The Technical Bit

As mentioned about the sound from Happy Plugs is very good.  Offering a distinct sound quality the frequency is an impressive 20Hz – 20kHz which does explain the sonic range of the plugs.  Considering they retail at £34.99 the quality is superb.


In the intro we asked, are Happy Plugs all style over substance.  In short, this is one book you can judge by its cover.  Beautiful looking phones with superb quality sound and nice feel.  I would really recommend getting your hands on these.  And at only £34.99 they are highly affordable.

Rating: 4.5/5 Almost perfect, I really would recommend getting a set of these.


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