Get Your Kit Out – Boom BEOne

Get Your Kit Out – Boom Earwear BEOne

In the latest of our Get Your Kit out series the lovely chaps at Boom Earwear got in touch and asked if we would like to take a look at their latest in-ear headphones. So of course we responded with a bloody yes please.  I hadn’t actually heard of Boom Earwear before, but having done a bit of looking around before agreeing, I could see that the kit appeared to be good quality.  So here we go.


The set arrived neatly in really professional packaging, not some crumby plastic case.  The hard back cover was great to ensure the product arrived safe and sound and with minimal risk (important if you purchase online).  The inside was of high quality as well with black coated polystyrene moulded to again ensure no movement.  The earphones themselves were really well secured and a lot of thought had been given to the unboxing experience.

BEOne Headphones Box

BEOne Headphones Box


As with the packaging you can tell a lot of thought had been put in to the design of the earphones themselves.  The remote and microphone are neat and compact meaning that they aren’t a hassle to use when on the move.  The brilliant feature (although pretty basic in the context of modern tech) is the magnet in the earphones themselves.  They ensure that they don’t get tangled up when not in use and make them easy to carry.

If there was a criticism of the design, I would say the lead that goes in to the remote seems a little flimsy as does the remote.  Whilst this is picking at straws, on a lot of use, it does feel like it might become an issues.  There are some neat touches on the finishing with brass looking plug and fasteners.

Get Your Kit Out - Boom BEOne Earphones

Get Your Kit Out – Boom BEOne Earphones


Considering the Boom BEOne‘s are in ear, the sound is very clear.  Unlike some the clarity of sound is of a good standard and as such no tinniness is present and no annoying rattling.  When you turn your music up, the Boom BEOne‘s hold the bass really well.  Particularly good if you like your music with a dirty bassline, Hip Hop boys these are cool for you.


Obviously as these are in-ears there is little set-up required. The good piece around the Boom BEOne is less set-up but an added benefit.  The devices come with spare buds to place over the ends of the ear phones.

The Technical Bit

The speakers in the ear phone are obviously of a high quality, hence the lack of distortion.  We tried them out on a variety of music genres, including Hip Hop, DnB and some techno, all of which reacted well to the tests.


Nice headphones that RRP at £25.  Good design features and very high quality sound across a variety of music genres.  The addition of the magnetic feature is neat and beyond a gimmick.

Rating: 4/5 – Boom BEOne earphones are tight compact and magnetic, what more could you want?


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