Ratchet Commandments by Tink (Review)

Review of Ratchet Commandments by Tink

Tink has been making some noise on the UK scene.  Played out on 1Xtra and Capital Xtra among others, she is starting to gain momentum and forging a path for herself.  With the release of Ratchet Commandments its clear to see why.

Tink manages to transcend delivering her lyrics in both a credible rap but also with a decent vocal as well.  She has a slight dancehall twang to her delivery (and I mean slight) and unlike a number of female rappers, she can deliver at pace.  Yes the production does have a commercial edge, but it doesn’t work to the detriment of Tink‘s skills.

Ratchet Commandments by Tink

Ratchet Commandments by Tink

The track, Ratchet Commandments, is constructed in line with the theory of its bible compatriots, but is based around a whole different route.  Whilst I am sure everybody knows what Ratchet means (don’t worry, I won’t patronise anybody with an explanation), the track does help define it.  It essentially shows the rules that a young lady should play by, no matter what her man says or does.

For me, this is a great track and has a real accomplished sound to it. Real good production, good rapping and nice vocals.  Tink is one to watch and Ratchet Commandments is a great track for both the ladies and the gents.  Above it all, it does make you bounce.

Have a watch of the video and listen to the track below.  Tell us what you think by tweeting us @MusicEyz or by making a comment below.


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