Arrive Alone, Leave Alone by Girl Friend (Review)

Review of Arrive Alone, Leave Alone the new EP by Girl Friend

If there’s one thing Manchester’s great at it’s producing some of the most unique and obscure music. It’s good to see that in 2015 the city and it’s bustling scene of musicians still hasn’t lost it. Girl Friend, Manchester’s latest indie-pop-disco band, received recognition last year from the likes of XFM radio and DIY magazine for their debut singlePerfume‘ and debut EPEveryone Wants to be Wanted’, and have been raking in the love ever since. They even scored a slot touring with indie legends The Kooks across the UK and the rest of Europe.


Review of the new EP Arrive Alone, Leave Alone by Girl Friend

Review of the new EP Arrive Alone, Leave Alone by Girl Friend

This year the group are unleashing their latest EPArrive Alone, Leave Alone in hopes of recreating last year’s success.


The first trackMonte Carlo is a sensational summer jam in the making for sure. It’s a little bit disco, a little bit 80’s but crammed with that modern indie energy. This leads seamlessly in to the next trackLead The Way, the track they’ve chosen as their EP taster. This song is three minutes of chilled out synth bliss, boasting odd little ripples of an Ian Curtis vibe in the vocals. That 80’s glitter chorus is back in the next songStyle and Substance, which actually in parts has huge reminders of bands like Human League. It’s poppy and bright, another summer feeling in this song just like ‘Monte Carlo’. ‘Stop’ is the aptly titled finishing track for this EP, and it’s smoky sexy groove is the perfect ribbon to wrap around this little gift, tying in each track which stand strong on their own but flow beautifully together.


With so many sounds pressed in to just four tracks you’d think this EP would end up a mess of genre and re-hashed glitter pop – and made by anyone else it just might have ended up that way. Yet Girl Friend seem to have pulled it off quite happily.


2015 promises to be a great year for these unique mancunians and with a full UK tour through out April, their empire should keep on growing.


The EP ‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’ by Girl Friend is out April 27th.

Review by Hev Bailey


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