Nicki Minaj at O2 Arena, London (Gig Review)

Review of Nicki Minaj Gig at the O2 Arena, London

So credible rapper? No.  Champion of advancing women’s rights? Probably not. Entertainer that doesn’t take herself too seriously? Potentially yes.

So Nicki Minaj is often criticised within music critics for what she brings to the music scene.  Yes she has an element of swagger about her, but she is trying to deliver rap music, albeit to the masses.  Yes she does show off more flesh than your average feminist or even vegetarian might approve of.  But you know what, she can put on a bloody great show.

Nicki Minaj

Her latest gig in London proved no exception to this rule.  Nicki Minaj is like a rapping version of Lady Gaga.  Alter-egos a plenty but still really passionate about her art form.  So her latest tour – Pinkprint tour – allows the fan no shocks when Minaj appears in a delightful pink wig.

So fans of Nicki Minaj will know her music isn’t all bluster.  She actually shares some moments that are quite personal in her music.  Whilst this may not always come across in her recorded material as terribly emotional, when you see her live, this empathy for the content and with her audience really oozes in to her performance.  Whilst saying this translates in to an emotional roller coaster is over cooking it  a little, it does show a different side to those of us not as close to the Nicki Minaj catalogue as others.

The show is brilliantly produced, has great choreography and Minaj is very good throughout.  The gig seems to be split in to distinct sections.  Whilst a number of the crowd seemed indifferent to the stretch of pop ballads, I actually thought this was OK, and was actually quite impressed by her delivery.

Nicki Minaj the great performer she is, did save the main bit until the end.  She managed to end the show on what felt like the biggest house party I have ever been to.  Minus geeky teenager throwing up, or mums best ornaments being broken.  Dress in quite a revealing outfit and striding around in long thigh high boots, which belied her actually short height, Minaj was in her element.  Whipping the crowd in to a frenzy.

Tracks such as Lookin’ Ass, Flawless and Dance (a$$) were great rebel rousers.  She gave the obligatory booty shakes, she was as provocative as ever and in terms of her performance as tight as can be expected.

As long as you don’t take Nicki Minaj too seriously, then you can appreciate her for what she is.  The queen of pop-rap.


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