Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna (Review)

Review of Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

So the title of Rihanna’s new track suggest a little diversification.  Is our Bajan beauty going in to the debt collection business?  Whist I don’t doubt RiRi can look after herself, I think she may be of slightly the wrong build to go that route. Hence its welcome relief the words mean something far less sinister.

Now, there has been nothing wrong with Rihanna’s previous albums or singles.  They have featured great pop hooks, plenty of hints towards EDM, which is successful here and something of the currency stateside.  She has even displayed her vocal range on most of the singles. However, there hasn’t really been anything stand-offish.

Rihanna, arguably, has been playing the commercial game.  This notion supported by various commercial tie-ins, notably her ill-fated tie-in with British fashion retailer River Island.  However, who can blame her? Cash in while you can.  She is only following the well trodden path of other millennial taste makers such as Beyonce.

Review of Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

Review of Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

But, her music has lost its edge. She sounds more and more american and polished than when she started.  That is until now!  Like a punch in the ribs (just to remind you she is there), she hits you with the new single Bitch Better Have My Money.  Straight from the off, this is different to recent releases.  The beats are stripped back a little.  The composition is more focussed and not designed for a packed arena, an Ibiza club or an advert for a car company.

The Bajan twang is back.  Rihanna’s vocal are laced with her heritage and Caribbean upbringing shining through.  She delivers her lyrics with her usual prowess, demonstrating what a great singer she is, but with a difference.  RiRi also gets her attitude back.

The chorus of Bitch Better Have My Money is delivered with attitude.  Whether she is referring to somebody that hasn’t paid the latest instalment on their car loan is irrelevant.  Rihanna delivers it with such fierceness you believe she is going to tackle the target of the chorus.

Rihanna, I don’t think I owe you any money.  But if I did, I would be round like shot just to ensure you don’t kick my sorry butt.

Simply, Rihanna is back. If you prefer the big dance sound you may not like this.  For me Bitch Better Have My Money feels genuine and like its the real Rihanna.  I love this.

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