Wonder Woman by Lion Babe (Review)

Review of Wonder Woman by Lion Babe

Hailing from the underground scene of New York, Lion Babe are an experimental duo who took the music world by storm in 2014 releasing a series of spell binding tracks. The duo contains the genius work of producer and instrumentalist Lucas Goodman and the hypnotic, powerful voice of Jillian Hervey (who just so happens to be the daughter of Vanessa Williams).

Review of Wonder Woman by Lion Babe

Review of Wonder Woman by Lion Babe

These two twenty something’s have combined their incredible talents to create one of the biggest ‘To Watch’ acts of 2015.

Their debut EP did extremely well last year, backed up by a whole catalogue of rave reviews from fans and industry peers alike. A collaboration with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) on the lively track ‘Jump Hi’ didn’t hurt either, giving this unique duo even more attention and adoration.

With their latest single ‘Wonder Woman’ they’ve teamed up with the legendary Pharrell Williams and, still over a month away from its release date, the single already boasts praise from Annie Mac of Radio 1 and enough twitter fans to make the track a worldwide trend – not to mention over 50 thousand views for the teaser on YouTube.

The track itself is three minutes of pure beat and soul. The lyrics are as powerful as the title suggests, and Hervey’s voice is dark, smooth and sexy. From start to finish, listening to this song is like watching warm honey being poured from a clear glass jar – it just feels so satisfying. Rhythmic, steady and a constant flow this is the sort of music that works anywhere from a dance floor to a car stereo. You can put this song on repeat and completely lose yourself without a single moment of boredom.

Hitting the UK at the end of May and then off to a string of US festivals, Lion Babe promises to be a ferocious force to be watched and we can’t wait to see what they come up with or who they collaborate with next.

Review by Hev Bailey

The single ‘Wonder Woman’ will be released on May 3rd.


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