Short Movie by Laura Marling (Album Review)

Review of Short Movie by Laura Marling

With some claiming the art of albums is diminishing with music listeners preferring to create playlist and their own mini-compilations or mix tapes, it seems to be effecting the artists themselves.  Yes albums are still being made and the big names are still selling.  However very few albums are being created that capture a real story or feel like a complete body of work.  Enter Laura Marling.

Review of Laura Marling Short Movie

Review of Laura Marling Short Movie

Whilst Marling may not be in music’s elite she has flourished and is one of the mainstays of the British folk scene emergence in to mainstream commercial music.  In saying this 25 year old Marling has relocated to the US with a view to professionalising her output.

Its been over six years since Laura Marling received widespread critical acclaim for her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim and Short Movie is her fifth album.  A slightly longer than normal break since her last offering Once I Was An Eagle has obviously been well spent.  The creative progress and emerging style that Marling displays on Short Movie, demonstrates time well spent.  She feels more in tune with who she is as an artist and has set herself a clear direction to ensure genuine currency and longevity in a competitive industry.

The US influence is obvious in opening track Warrior.  The country enthused backing track and different production and editing techniques to her previous albums show she has a real US commercial understanding whilst maintaining a desire to stay true to her art.

The title track, Short Movie and Worship Me are great displays of Laura Marling’s undoubted talent.  Real meaning to the songs that are delivered in an honest and engaging manner.

The album overall showcases the vocal ability and range of Laura Marling.  Short Movie is a genuinely honest album which provides and engaging and almost intimate feel to the listener.  It is short of bells and whistles. There are no dance elements. There are limits to the Taylor Swift pop-ability to the tracks. However all of this is what makes the album a good listen.

The melodies are stirring and there are genuine hints of classic singers from yesteryear.  Laura Marling also displays her production skills in the album highlights, further evidence that she has developed as an artist and has a true passion for her music.

If I had one piece of advice to those that have never listened to folk or those that have touched it in the past. Take a listen to Laura Marling.  She may open your eyes to an emerging genre.  If not, then you will experience a great listen.  Short Movie by Laura Marling is nothing short of genre busting. Laura Marling is not folk, folk is Laura Marling.


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