Introducing Mac

Introducing Mac and his mixtape Trap Season

When I received this mail through to review this mixtape –  I don’t know what i was expecting to here but I did get quite a surprise. I was expecting a grime/urban style MC mixtape with a lot of rapping and lyrical flows, this was not however what I got. The mixtape is by a music producer and owner of #Poanwot Ent called Mac who is from Birmingham.

Introducing Mac and Trap Season

Introducing Mac

As  music producer I was expecting a lot of beats and this is exactly what I get. I listened to the mixtape from start to finish and my first impression was that the beats could be worked on but there was definitely an element of creativity in them. A few of the tracks did sound very much mixed from older beats and songs in particular number 7 ‘Bae Riddim‘ the only thing I could hear through it was Tinie Tempah‘s ‘Wifey‘. Not that this is a bad thing as I very much love that song, but I feel that the mixtape lacks a lot of individuality. A few of the other tracks are very futuristic sounding and almost game sound effects sounding.

I guess that for a start it is an okay listen, and some artists may especially find it useful and interesting to listen to as they would be able to MC over the top and mix a musically creative flow. However, I do think that they need to find their own niche and try mixing a few original beats as this will make it stand out from the crowd in future and would grab peoples attention.

Although it wasn’t exactly to my taste or liking I do suppose artists would find it good and I think that by working on a unique sound it would definitely appeal to them a lot more.

Overall a good effort in a mixtape release and very best of luck getting it out there. I would always encourage people to work towards their dreams and find their own market and fan base. Find out more about Mac here

By Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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