Introducing Electric Koolade

Introducing Electric-Koolade

A new band Electric-Koolade only formed a month ago has started to light the streets of Brighton.  Calling themselves a Psychedelic Surf Rock Band (OK I might be getting old but WTF is that?) they have already put together five tracks that are definitely worth a listen.  Their influences appear mixed – but you can see a bit of Lou Reed, The Beatles, Pixies and some less known roots such as Loop and the fantastically named Camper Van Beethoven all in there.  This isnt shoegazing and is something fresher and more vibrant.
Introducing Electric Koolade

Introducing Electric Koolade

What makes this new trio exciting are the tight lyrics and grimy vocals.  They are made up of Timmy Burns (drums), Ryan Duffin (guitar) and Vincent Dellow (vocals and bass).
You broke my heart‘ is a great start and whilst the Moon might be love this poor soul has his heart broken and resorts to drugs as an alternative.
My fathers eyes‘ melds wailing music and lyrics together to tell a story about a son who can never live up to his fathers expectations.
I hope its you‘ is a parody on the Beatles and wouldn’t go too far amiss hidden away somewhere in “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“. As with all their tracks the lyrics are not jumbled together and nonsensical – so listen to these as well as the music.
We could be together‘ is the least dark of this pack of songs and has shades of the swinging sixties but brought up to date.
Their latest track ‘Government‘ is a mournful lament against the government and life in general.   Clearly experimental for the band with a different sound and pace.
So for their first handful of tracks and very interesting mix.  Given that all these tracks were put together from scratch so quickly its an exciting start for this young band. Nuff said.
If you want to see more of Electric-Koolade or contact the band you can see more at
If you want to see more of Electric-Koolade or contact the band you can see more at

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