Get Your Kit Out – On-Music BRIO Speaker

Get Your Kit Out – On-Music BRIO Speaker

There is a craze at the moment with ultra portable speakers.  With the quality of streaming music improving and the quality and availability of smartphones at saturation point, there is no wonder this craze is gaining momentum.  It was great that the lovely people at On-Music gave us one of their BRIO portable speakers to have a listen to


On-Music BRIO Speaker

On-Music BRIO Speaker

The On-Music BRIO speaker is a compact little speaker.  Designed to create a small spherical type shape, the version we were given has a neat Union Jack design on it.  The unit opens up to create an expanded shape with a black accordion style middle.  The design is neat and compact and fits its objective of being extremely portable.

The Sound

Unlike a number of these portable speakers the On-Music BRIO speaker holds a really good sound.  The majority of these units suffer from tinny sounds and distortion at loud or heavy bass sounds.  In addition they generally struggle at varying volumes with the steps from low to high difficult to capture.

The BRIO speaker is actually a bit of an exception.  When connected to your device using the wire the sound is almost flawless.  Picking up the various tones and equally at home with heavy guitars as it is with heavy bass.  When using the bluetooth option the quality does deteriorate ever so slightly, however not as much as some others.

Obviously the BRIO speaker won’t boast the power or quality of some of the less portable options from the likes of Bowers & Wilkins, Bose or Sonos. But as a portable unit it does offer good quality sound.


The BRIO speaker was ridiculously simple to set-up.  No apps or settings are needed to make the device work.  No software to use as a mixer or synth, in fact it was a genuine simple plug and play.  No problems at all here.

The Technical Bit

OK not so technical, but usage.  The battery on the BRIO speaker is long lasting when not playing on the wire.  The quality of the device and ruggedness means there is unlikely to be any potential damage through general usage.

On-Music BRIO speaker

On-Music BRIO speaker


The device is tiny and uber portable.  The quality of sound and ease of use makes the BRIO speaker an obvious recommendation.  Don’t expect first class quality of sound that you could run a party from, but its high quality sound would enhance any outdoor party, barbecue or picnic.

Rating 4/5 – If you like to take your music on the go, look no further than the On-Music BRIO speaker.  

Like the sound of this? You can get your hands on the On-Music BRIO speaker right here


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