Trouble by Iggy Azalea ft Jennifer Hudson (Review)

Review of Trouble by Iggy Azalea ft Jennifer Hudson

Trouble, the new one from Iggy Azalea is a fun rap/pop crossover.  The track utilises Iggy’s mainstream lyrical prowess linking with the powerful and quite distinctive voice of one time Destinys Child Jennifer Hudson.  The result is quite a distinctive sound with the two performers complementing each other.

Trouble by Iggy Azalea ft Jennifer Hudson

Review of Trouble the new track by Iggy Azalea ft Jennifer Hudson

The track is a light hearted story of a girl (Iggy Azalea) being caught up with the wrong bloke.  The accompanying video is a real tongue in cheek affair, showing how Iggy embraces her femininity and rescues her beau from incarceration.  Featuring some dubious attempts to look sexy and some even more dubious driving, Iggy Azalea is pursued by a female police officer (Jennifer Hudson) who seems to show a complete disregard for her uniform.

Trouble as I mentioned in the first paragraph is a piece of harmless fun.  Linking two good solo performers together with good effect.  The track lacks a real hook that means it is unlikely anybody will be singing this down the gym, but it is well produced with a decent pop beat and harmless music.

Trouble is a good track that deserves air play and it should sell a few units, nice effort from the ladies that has a sense of female empowerment.  The end of the video is a nice little touch as well.  Trouble is scheduled to be released on 20th April.


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