Sucker by Charli XCX (Album Review)

Review of Sucker by Charli XCX

Charli XCX aka Charlotte Aitchison is big news at the moment.  Whilst most artists accept they are part of the ever revolving music scene, like some raw fish on a conveyor belt at a dodgy sushi restaurant, Charli XCX has shown much more grit (not like the fish at a dodgy sushi restaurant). 

Sucker by Charli XCX

Sucker by Charli XCX

She first emerged on the scene in London as a 15 year old on the underground party scene in the capital.  Several false starts later and some letdowns by previous advisors – Charli now 22 is big news.  A regular on the red carpet both sides of the Atlantic Charli XCX is known as much for her look and style as she is her music.  Unlike some, Charli XCX appears to remain grounded.  The testing rise to fame she has experienced means she still has time for her music and is not overpowered by the noise that tinseltown and NYC brings.

Charlie XCX is as well known for all of the above and her own great music as she is her special talent for writing.  She has co-written with some big and some cool acts including the likes of Iggy Azalea and Icona Pop.  Charli XCX is also currently on tour supporting the huge Katy Perry on her European Tour.  Just keep Russell Brand away from her.

Sucker is the third album from London’s own Charli.  The collection of tracks is in-your-face.  Its as brash as it is confident, yet all along its very endearing.  The attitude of Charli XCX exudes the well produced synth-pop and demonstrates her vocal and writing ability to great effect.

The current single Doing It featuring, judge from BBC’s The Voice and some times singer, Rita Ora (only joking we love Rita) is a banger.  Definitely one of those tracks that gets you wanting to dust off the dancing shoes and put your arms in the air.  This is a great indication of the album as a whole and if you like Doing It, you won’t be disappointed by Sucker.

One track that did’t seem as strong was Breaking Up.  That will be a controversial thing to say as many critics have waxed-lyrical about this and its apparent homage to 90s group L7.  For me, it just sticks out a bit and not in a good way (maybe like a burger in that sushi restaurant – OK the metaphors stop now).

Overall, Sucker is a great album, particularly for fans of Charli XCX.


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