Review of Where We Lie by Nico Cara

Debut Single Review – Nico Cara ‘Where We Lie’

 If you want to hear something fresh from a new singer then you wont go wrong listening to the debut single ‘Where We Lie‘ from Nico Cara.
Review of Where We Lie by Nico Cara

Review of Where We Lie by Nico Cara

The 19 year-old, hailing from North Yorkshire (with strong Sicilian roots) has been locked away working on his debut full-length project and looks set to join the likes of Ady Suleiman and JP Cooper in the new generation of singer/songwriters!
Where We Lie‘ is about romanticising teenagehood, and relationships you have during. The haze of feelings and confusion, diluted by intoxication. Rhys Williams (Director), however, took a different spin on the song’s sentiment and came up with quite a heartbreaking story of a momentary, unconventional relationship which plays on the lyrics’ hints of loneliness.
Check out the official video:
A nice storyline – but watch out for the twist at the end of the video!  Once you have watched this creative version also then watch Nico playing at
Here you see the artist without the storyline – and its just as good.
Someone to watch.  We are really looking forward to seeing more from Nico Cara.

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