Introducing Karen Harding

Introducing Karen Harding and her single Say Something

I was browsing the net today looking for some new music to watch out for and I came across this track by artist Karen Harding. As soon as I heard it, it instantly took me back in time and reminded me of school dance classics like Sweet Female Attitude Flowers.

Review of Karen Harding Say Something

Review of Karen Harding Say Something

It has such a feel good vibe about it that I could imagine driving along in the summer, roof down with the wind in my hair. Its everything you want in a good old tune that you can put on and have it make you feel good. The back beat is bouncy and energetic and if this was to drop at a pool/beach party in 30+ degree heat you know the whole crowd would be on their feet.

I definitely think they’ve got it exactly right with the production and vocals on this one and no doubt it will be around throughout Summer 15. Karen’s vocals are on point and the tone is well suited to this track. I look forward to hearing more things from her in the future as I think she may be one to watch.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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