Title by Meghan Trainor (Album Review)

Review of Title by Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is one of the hottest names in pop at the moment, largely thanks to the huge track All About That Bass.  She is on a huge promo initiative at the moment appearing on everything and of course on a large-scale tour.  So just to compound the noise her album is out on Monday.  But will she be a Rebecca Black type flash in the pan or have some longevity?

The album is without doubt quite twee and definitely fits in the bubblegum pop genre.  Its upbeat, full of pop hooks and some pretty standard pop composition.  That being said Meghan does actually stand for something a bit more.  Yes All About That Bass was an annoyingly catch track that got caught in your head and was covered by everybody, but it did have a message.  It spoke about body image and the fact that you can still be gorgeous even if your not “stick thin” or “silicone Barbie”.

Meghan Trainor new album Title Review

Meghan Trainor new album Title Review

Dear Future Husband is a real pop track with cutesy music and very mainstream rap at the beginning.  But again, there is a message and pretty good messages for young girls who may be listening.  Essentially telling future husband that they need to treat Meghan in the right way.

The majority of the tracks have a pretty cookie cutter approach and then along comes Like I’m Gonna Lose You and along comes quite a strong sounding ballad.  The duet features a great male vocal that has that distinctly familiar feel to it.  On listening a little deeper, it is none other than the brilliant John Legend.  Now this track on its own shows Meghan Trainor is a cut above some others in her niche.  She delivers really strong and emotional vocal that matched Legend at every moment.  Definitely the highlight of the album.

Walkashame is a fun track, poking fun at that awkward “walk of shame” moment.  A real light hearted look at the issues and how she feels when this happens.  The annoyingly titled, title track of the album Title is pretty much the same as some of the others, light hearted lyrics with infectious pop hooks.

Whilst Meghan Trainor‘s album Title may not get played in years to come, this is a positive collection of music.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously and handles issues that late teen, early twenties girls may encounter.  It deals with them in a mature and fun way and all laced on top of good pop music.

Meghan Trainor will definitely be around for a while on the basis of this album.  Don’t take this too seriously, just kick back and listen to it.  You will probably even find yourself dancing around and at the very least, singing or humming one or two of the hooks.

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