Modern Nature by The Charlatans (Album Review)

Review of Modern Nature by The Charlatans

After the horrible experience last year when the boys lost drummer Jon Brookes to brain cancer, The Charlatans must have had a lot of soul searching to do.  There must have been some questions over their very existence as a band.  Thankfully, if there was, they were short lived and The Charlatans are back with new album Modern Nature.

Review of Modern Nature by The Charlatans

Review of Modern Nature by The Charlatans

So important was Brookes influence, the gap was filled by three established performers on percussion.  Pete Salisbury of The Verve, New Order‘s Stephen Morris and Gabriel Gurnsey of Factory Floor.

The opening track is a bit of a let down and sends worries in to the mind, but any fears can be allayed by the start of track two So Oh. This is a great upbeat number that is an early highlight of the album.  The great bassline that accompanies the backing is something that you may find on a Hip Hop track rather than from some indie boys from the Black Country.

The album is almost part of the path to recovery from an absent friend, and written for Jon and the others. and the others.  Perhaps the best example of this can be found in Keep Enough.  Let The Good Times Never End is in my opinion the strongest track.  The track hints at elements of The Doors and a hark back to The Charlatans of yesteryear.

The opener may have been a bit low, but in the context of the whole album, it felt a bit like the start of the story.  Modern Nature is an emotional eulogy to absent friends.  But rather than the whole thing being downbeat, they have produced a homage in true spirit of The Charlatans and an album that Jon Brookes would have been proud of.


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