Music Eyz Podcast 01

Music Eyz Podcast 01


How you find out about new tunes is a mindset. You can be either passive about it and give in to being fed tunes by your local or national radio stations only or you can go looking for them yourself. I choose the latter and damn have I found some good tunes out there, for me that is. It’s not about listening to what everyone else is listening to, it’s about listening to what you like and no one can tell you what to like.

We’re going to give this podcast thing a go. Here are some of the bands that turned our heads in 2014 and heading into 2015 are still grabbing our attention with their craftsmanship as musicians.

1. DARLINGJust One Look from their new EP out 30th Jan. Playing the Sugar Club, Dublin 31st Jan.

2. The TAPESTRY (4:40) – Infatuation from their new single out 21st Jan. Playing Band on the Wall, Manchester 7th Feb.

3. NO HOT ASHES (9:20) – Goose from their current single. Playing the Deaf Institute, Manchester 30th Jan.

4. SISTERAY (15:00) – Take it Away from their first single before She Likes the Drama, a cracking follow up EP. Working on new material. Playing The Old Queens Head, London 27th Jan.

Inaugural Podcast featuring Sisteray

Inaugural Podcast featuring Sisteray

5. The VELOCETS (19:50) – Secrets. Currently grafting away. Playing Band on the Wall, Manchester 23rd Jan.

6. TURRENTINE JONES (25:00) – Moonlight Is On Yer Side from their debut album Our Days. Playing the Deaf Institute, 30th Jan. (The Maze Nottingham 29th Jan)

7. The HOT SPROCKETS (29:50) – Soul Brother from their second album Brother Nature. New EP out Licks from the Vault. I’m still recovering from their Xmas gig.

8. RED EMPIRE (34:00) – Deliver Me. New EP out Feb and debut album on the way. Playing the Lethean Bar, Portlaoise 25th Jan.

9. ABNER BROWNS (39:30) – a wickedly good barber shop with a twist.

A big shout out to Mr Peeps, a true gentleman. Nice one.

Now, all you have to do is, press play…

by Nicola Timmons


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