Introduction to Nire

Introduction to Nire (US DJ and remixer)

Our stateside team uncover a few gems from time to time.  Not often though that a US native has such a big european influence.  Nire is a US-based DJ and remixer that lives and breathes music.  She uncovers rare tunes, loves UK and European sounds and makes them relevant to European audiences and both coasts of the USA.

Introducing DJ and Remixer Nire

Introducing DJ and Remixer Nire

Here is a quick intro to some of the sounds on her soundcloud. Check it out if you fancy something new.

(1.) “BR Right Trina Nire Princess Business”-
What a independent strong Cleopatra kickin ass and taking names charisma with the power of the Amazonian Warrior’s thrust of the javellin flying through the glass roof Nire energizes the scene into the next chapter….enter:

(2.)  ‘Hanging on Ellie Goulding Nire Feel this remix”-
We crystalise  the sonic  view through the essence of a lusting and longing sirens croon through diamond cut veils , ambiently nodding into  a trance similar to  my upcoming memories of the late night belly dancers in the spice melange dens of  Arakis….as we flip in slow motion backwards our innermost explodes like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon and unfolds the wings similar to Nire powerful and succulent  remix to:

(3.) ” No Angel Beyonce Nire Bootleg”-
The Queens Gotham Megatroplois Houston Brooklyn Empire Revision , the troops march on and the Goonies never say Die is the bangy bang crunch of the soul rebellious theme in this symphony of beat breaks and with the overlord Justifying Our Love giving the thumbs up of approval to the Phoenix ferocious Sasha successfully hailing all confident and optimistic….

(4.) “Warriors MIA  Nire edit”-
To embark into the mythological desert terrains in golden  bullet proof crusted travel pods , warm abotomys bumping to the tabla enfused grooves while pumping in fetal positions and then expanding like the flower blossom with  electrifying spectrum combusts of the thunderous and volcanic eruptions between the protectors of the ancient purest oases ( Oh way seas) versuse the onces who presume because they only saw their humanoid primate foot prints in the noir and pink sands its an ideology of

(5.) “Finders Keepers Gnucci” –
So we have really travelled through time and space on this cochlea journey, its like the unwinding of a snail shell, the melting of sand into glass and the streaming of warm air shooting out the orcha’s blowhole. We hold onto our memories that we perceive are most important yet in the near future through brain acupuncture and digitalising the subconscious and the mundane elements of dream stream consciousness, the finders keepers will be the ones who will collect our emotions our gut instinct of  vinyl gnawing into the wireless utopian age of the yin yang merger.

Check out Nire on Soundcloud 

Follow Nire on Twitter

Introduction courtesy of SIPE Star Studio


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