Spaces by One Direction (Review)

Review of 1D – Spaces

One Direction Spaces

One Direction Spaces

Ok lets face it 1D are a few of ours guilty pleasure. OK well maybe not quite. Taken from forthcoming album releaseFour‘, Spaces has everything you’d expect and even more, the classic surround sound production, polished solo vocals and the heartfelt meaningful lyrics that some will no doubt have some read more into them than others…’Who’s gonna to be the first to say goodbye’…’Spaces between us’.  Spaces demonstrates a mature and tougher sounding One Direction, that differentiates them from the other ‘looky likey’ bands.  And with more dates added to their UK tour in 2015 and further worldwide domination hitting countries like the Philippines, we should celebrate 1D for spreading global ‘Britishness’, as well as simply making just good records.

Review by Jacqui Wright


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