Introducing Kyra and Her Track Bandages

Introducing Kyra and her latest signature track ‘Bandages’ from the EP of the same title.

The track ‘Bandages‘ was co-written by Maiday (Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis) and Fred Cox (Etta Bond, MNEK)
In 2012, Kyra experienced a personal tragedy, her brother Carl who had just turned 26 sadly passed away from Cancer, there was only 3 months from diagnosis to death.  Kyra had a need to express her emotional sadness during this time and used her love for songwriting to do so and ‘Bandages‘ was born.  The song is about comfort and hope in those times of complete despair.
KYRA Bandages

KYRA Bandages

The track opens with the soft strum of the guitar, it has a slight Latin sound to it, after a short intro, the beautiful voice of Kyra accompanies it. Kyra has such a clear tone to her voice, you can hear the emotion behind the lyrics that tells a story and if you listen behind the track you will hear the wonderful sound of a string instrument, my guess it’s the Cello. The track ‘Bandages‘ is a relaxed, simple yet elegant song and knowing the reason behind the lyrics brought a tear to my eye, it’s a song written for anyone who faces this kind of emotional struggle. The video is shot with Kyra walking through what looks like the streets of London, this is a song most of us can relate too.
I recommend you listen to ‘Bandages‘ when you have a quiet moment to interpret the lyrics and the gorgeous vocals by Kyra, in contrast have a listen to Kyra cover RudimentalsWaiting all Night‘ it’s one of the best versions that I have heard.
Review by Tina Robinson

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