Masterpiece by Jessie J (Review)

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Ah, waking up to that  familiar 21st century alarm sound of ” Snappy, snappy, …wakey-wakey, its a time too roll, baby,’ and we are off! like a GV(C-37) or better yet, a  JPL Rocket!” And here is the new one from Jessie JMasterpiece

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Our protagonist, Jessie J, staying most lamped in the comfort of soft goose feathered bed clouds, expresses her hustle with the ease of Presidential suite status. She flirts with the viewer. Yoda would comment “Such an eye candy is that fine booty”.  That essential factor, well, my dear family, that never hurts when it comes to attracting that cheddar, that status.

Grainy cuts mesh smoothly with crisp images of our heroine. Jessie J portrays the Independent Woman, the Go-Getter, ” La Dama De La…”, de la, or , for my English speaking family, of the Marathon. She is one smooth character rolling through this whole thing, not flashy, not totally suddle, clever, precious.

Not afraid to express open sentiment, the viewer can experience witnessing the softer quality of a proud female individual. This is important. Yet at the same time, our Artist portrays that new Punky Brewster with a twist of bad azz.

Clean cut like me after getting my cut from Big Lester on Fulton Downtown BK, Jessie J rolls in all sharp and bullet proof like a Miguel Cabarello three piece suit.

The aesthetics are consistent to the urban landscapes. This is a vital component to the audio scape of crispy drum breaks, and enlightening synthesized string notes.

Splashes of crimson and gold passion burst through as Jessie J continues to to sway with pleasant bravado and appealing enchantment. As she says, “it’s okay, (she’s) cool in here.”

Jessie J stays most lamped (I believe i stated this before.)

Its true talk. She performs openly, this is magnetic . She professes that she isn’t perfect, and this is what makes the lyrics , with the melody, flow perfectly with uplifting instrumental.

Enter the fans, the kids, the community, a reason why Jessie J promotes optimism through self work, patience, self meditation, dedication, breakthrough and transition. This really brings the piece as a whole, it really brings it on home.

So, yes, welcome to the world of today. The future, where there is an apettite for openness, pro activity, kindness, attractiveness, good hustle, and an engaged collective mass of all colours of the spectrum.

Yes, we stay balling from the graffiti covered urban SoCal looking set locations, right on back to self reflecting on the hotel room lanai. Big up Jessie J. Mahalo.

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