Eva The EP by Eva (Review)

Eva The EP Review

Born Eva Elohor Alordiah, this Nigerian-born rapper-songwriter has created a niche for herself in African and indeed in global rap with her catchy and heartfelt lyrics, tidy punch lines and irreplicable style. (Check out her photos if in doubt).

Review of Eva The EP by Eva Alordiah

Review of Eva The EP by Eva Alordiah

Since 2009 when she brought us “I dey play” produced by dasuspect, make ’em say, her first feature with Str8buttah and the The GIGO E.P her amazing debut which all came to us in succession, it was clear that we will indeed be definitely hearing timely , universal and relatable rap classics from this new starlet.

Since the release of her debut body of work, she has featured on quite number of tracks with notable African musicians and producers such as the electric David dasuspekt Peter on the Femcee version of the classic Capital Hill music rap collabo ” I no send you“, Bigfoot‘s “Mannequin” (Drawn from Katy Perry‘s version maybe?) among others as well as released Afro and East London club favorites such as “big biggie“, “Lights out“, ” SHUGA“- her rendition of the MTV SHUGA soap’s theme song and most recently, #Deaf – the track I shall always love no matter where her music journey takes her.

When she dropped the self-titled E.P a little over a week ago, my desire was to review it first for the team on the first day.

I mean, this is work done by a talented young woman with the BBC, Trace Urban and MTV base on her trail. Mans GATS Rush it!

But fate won’t have that it seems.

E.P produced and engineered by TinTin

Track by track review starts now.

1. Back from the High

So for anyone who hasn’t listened to the GIGO E.P, High was a track on which she had expressed her desire to achieve greatness both with her music career and in life in general.

This track speaks about the illusion of fame and popularity. She samples Frozen by Madonna.

She tells the listener about her beloved brothers who cheer for her, how she would love to give more than she presently can to her younger sibling and how she is indeed performing daily without a steady income but she is doing what she does for the love of music.

She divulges other universal truths about the life of a seemingly disillusioned artiste but has chosen the hook from Frozen to tell us that our views about life are based on what we want to see and that only we can change our lives because “we hold the key”.

2. 100 Percent.

To be honest, you really won’t expect this track to be a love song if you judged from the title only.

She shows us her feminine side and has a Soliloquy of sorts with her lover about her joys and fears and tells him what she would like in their relationship.

For me this track is the universal realistic lover’s track. Yes we know that it can only come on at certain hours of the day on radio, but she has won with this track. *bisous*

3. Double Double

This is the baller anthem! Seriously though. Picture Soho, Ibiza, Sin or Turks Head in Dublin, likwid, 24 Abuja or just a little apartment with the guys and some relaxation helpers. πŸ˜› I kid.

I can’t explain this track properly. TinTin SLAYED this track totally. I almost was not even listening to the rap. Steller production.

Here, she shows us that she knows that she is in fact a rapper par excellence, with a growing global fan base. She also tells us how much of a goon she is because as explained by the pour it up by Rihanna sample she pours it up and has a great time. πŸ™‚

4. Eva Says 14.

The outro.

Spoken word.

Here, Eva gives us 5 points to take away.

1. What you write lives forever.

2. Do not box yourself in because you are female.

3. You are not your bank account or body count, you are a being.

4. Every day gives us a fresh start.

5. Sometimes we miss opportunity because we are not ready to walk the road she is on.


Eva has truly grown since GIGO. More than garbage has gone in.

She has spent a lot of time in introspection and this rich offering is proof.

One can only wait for 1960– the album. 39 days 15 hrs 37 minutes 1 second.

DL the E.P at 1960thealbum.com

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Written by Nathalie Wemambu (@da_sweetthin) for musiceyz.co.uk


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