Reclassified by Iggy Azalea (Review)

Review of Reclassified by Iggy Azalea

At one point Iggy Azalea was the next big thing. Touted as the Aus Nicki Minaj.  Rightly or wrongly some views are now polarised on the antipodean rapper.  Some say she is a more credible, fully versatile and more credible alternative to Minaj.  Others, perhaps skewed by the recent antics of Eminem, thinking she is a complete joke, a sell out that dares to criticise the established hip hop movement.

Review of Reclassified by Iggy Azalea

Review of Reclassified by Iggy Azalea

What ever your own personal view, there is no denying she has made an impact.  She draws attention and whether its your cup of tea or not, she does produce tracks that sell millions across the globe.

In part that helps lend credence to the line “There aint nothin’ about Miss Azalea average” which she spits out in the opening track We In This Bitch.  Spot on, no average person talks about themselves in the third person.

The second element of not being average is this very release.  How man other artists release a new album less than a year after her debut album dropped?  Well, if anybody else decided to re-release over half those tracks to make up the body of the new album, it could happen.  The cynic in me says, well thats because she has a lack of creativity and the label are jumping on her commercial value while its probably at its peak. 

The more forgiving side of me reflects on the fact that these tracks have changed to a degree and she has added five tracks to the mix.  Not just five tracks to make up the numbers but five good tracks.  Of these new tracks Beg For It has to be the highlight.  The track features who has one of the sweetest sounding voices recorded today.  (I first came across her thanks to the boohoo TV ads.)

The Ellie Goulding featured track, Heavy Crown is pretty strong as well.  Overall though, if you have the debut album, there is little reason to fork out for the new one.  This is really the label working out that since Iggy erupted on the scene a whole new audience is now aware of her.  This is the chance to gain move more units of Iggy Azalea.  You know what?  In terms of music as an art, shame on you.  As a commercial decision bloody clever.

But then that leads us full circle back to the opening dichotomy surrounding Iggy Azalea credible and versatile or a joke sell out?  You can decide on that one.


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