Torn Apart by Bastille (Review)

Review of Torn Apart by Bastille

It doesn’t seem two years ago since we first reviewed ‘Flaws’ from Bastille and predicted that they would go on to greater things.   The creativity of Dan Smith is immense and the latest track released on 30th November is no different.

The big challenge for Bastille was that when ‘Pompeii’ sent them soaring into the stratosphere the stratosphere they were a record companies dream with a huge back catalogue of great material (‘Flaws’, ‘Bad Blood’ , ‘Things we Lost In The Fire’, ‘Laura Palmer’ etc).  The challenge was always whether they could continue to release great material once these had all been released.  The answer is a definitive “yes” and ‘Torn Apart’ is a great commercial song.

Torn Apart’ is a love song supported by the creative mind of Smith. It starts with beautiful people that keep morphing and the more they do so the more freakish the output. However, the message of love remains the same.  You need to listen to it several times as the video can be very distracting!  A great new release.

Clip from video of Torn Apart by Bastille

Clip from video of Torn Apart by Bastille

Bastille debuted the track on BBC Radio 1 on October 21.  Featuring Grades and Lizzo, the song will be available for download on iTunes from November 30.

Review by Doug Duffin

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