My City in Music

My City in Music

In this series of features we cover the globe and explore what makes those cities.  Not a historical tour asking about landmarks, celebrities or economies, purely what the vibe is in the various cities.  What is the music that makes the city special.  Looking back to yesteryear with the likes of Manchester big indie sound from the likes of Oasis.  Exploring the sounds of Mersey Beat with everything including The Beatles and maybe a hint of Cilla Black (or maybe not).  The influence on Bristol bass with the likes of Massive Attack and obviously the home of hip hop New York City with heavyweights such as Wu-Tang and Public Enemy.

My City in Music

My City in Music

Not only do we look back, we look at the here and now.  What’s hot? What’s on the rise? What makes the contemporary sound of the various places across the globe.

We hope you enjoy the series.  Of course, if you know a city inside out and would like to share the good, the bad and the ugly from your city let us know.  You could feature your home on Music Eyz too.


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