6 Words by Wretch 32 (Review)

Review of 6 Words by Wretch 32

Hailing from North London and coming from the Grime scene, Wretch 32 released his major label debut (but 2nd overall) album Black and White on Ministry of Sound in 2011, which got to #4 in the album charts and spawned 3 top 5 singles. All in all a good start to his career with help from Ed Sheeran and Example featuring on 2 of said singles.

6 Words by Wretch 32

6 Words by Wretch 32

Following the release of Blackout and Doing OK last year, Wretch is releasing the 3rd single from his forthcoming album Growing over life.
Whereas the 1st two singles were more standard rap tracks with guest vocalists on the chorus, this new single 6 words is definitely the most interesting of the three.
Produced by SOS and mixed by Wilkinson, their drum n bass influence is obvious to spot. Vocally Wretch is doing it all himself without actually rapping, the low key sung vocals fit well with the gentle guitars and the drum n bass beats once they kick in, although they are very sentimental.
Zane Lowe has already made this his ‘Hottest record in the world’, this is released on November 16th. This is the 1st out of his three singles so far to make me actually look forward to his album. Expect big things from Wretch 32 when his new album drops in 2015.

Review by Nick Rayman


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