Umi by PinkShinyUltraBlast (Review)

Review of Umi by PinkShinyUltraBlast

This new release due November 10th from St. Petersburg, Russian band PinkShinyUltraBlast, is for me at the coherent end of the shoegazing spectrum. There lies within this track another tune along its sea bed of dream pop. You will only need to dive a little way down through the noise to hear it as the usual cacophony sound of shoegazing has been loosened up on this one and it’s wonderful. Umi, is the band’s first release from their debut album Everything Else Matters which is due out in January.

Review of Umi by Pinkshinyultrablast

Review of Umi by Pinkshinyultrablast

The name PinkShinyUltraBlast is taken from that Astrobrite album title which was released back in 2005. I’ve listened to PinkShinyUltraBlast’s 2009 EP, Happy Songs For Happy Zombies. On it I could hear the Astrobrite influence for sure and could draw comparisons straightaway with My Bloody Valentine. There lies within this EP, ultra-fast guitar playing with distortion and incredibly delicate vocals. Deerland is magnificently steeped in reverb and if you like your Eagulls then I think that you will find this material interesting.

So, getting down to this track, Umi and as a result of my online research for the meaning of the word I found out that it is in fact Japanese for sea or ocean. In Arabic it means mother and in Egyptian, a person’s name meaning life. All of this tallies up with the visuals for Umi.

The fading in and out of imagery, the overlapping of it, the flow and the colours used in the visuals suit this intriguing sound created by PinkShinyUltraBlast. The drumming! The drumming in this is the driving force which is not by default the direction in which shoegazing normally takes and I like it. You get the feeling that this band is up to something and may in fact be on course to instigating a new subdivision of shoegazing. Who knows?

Umi is orchestral almost, the vocals ascending above the guitar’s position in this composition which is taking direction from the drumming. It’s melodic, ambient and oh so very cool. While listening and watching the video at around the 1:50 mark and again at 3:40 I can almost hear U2’s the Edge playing and the lyrics “It’s a beautiful day. Sky falls you feel like…” Am I imagining this? What’s going on here with this band?

Reading up on what to expect from their new album scheduled for release in January, reports are along the lines that if you’re a Slowdive or Lush fan then you will most definitely find this band interesting. I managed to get a listen to two more tracks off it, Glitter and Metamorphosis. Between both tracks there is a psychedelic edge with a dash of grunge and for some reason listening to them put me in mind of Operentzia, a Hungarian band I came across whilst visiting Budapest this year. I kid you not.

This band, PinkShinyUltraBlast, I’m telling you, is up to something so keep your eyes peeled on musiceyz and we’ll keep you informed on what’s happening with this outfit.

Review by Nicola Timmons


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