I Lived by OneRepublic (Review)

Review of I Lived by OneRepublic

Colorado born pop rock band OneRepublic burst on to the music scene in 2002, quickly gaining commercial success with the help of MySpace, an avid fan base, wildly popular music and not much else. Without the help of labels and industry folk alike the group built themselves an empire which still stands strong today.

Review of OneRepublic I Lived

Review of OneRepublic I Lived

Last year they unleashed their album Native which contained the monster track Counting Stars – a song which shot them back in to the public eye and became their most successful release to date. With the album itself being a plethora of quality writing both musically and lyrically, no one was quite sure which track would be chosen to follow up the unforgettable Counting Stars.

I Lived is nothing but deserving of a spotlight of its own. Not only is it one of the most contemporary tracks of the year but the message behind it is one that many artists try to put across in many different ways. Beautiful, simple and to the point – I Lived is one of the most soul searching and uplifting songs I’ve ever come across.

A slow an easy start the track slips from the speakers like warm honey, sweet and soothing to even the most hardened ear. Simple acoustic melodies float over perfect vocals, rolling in to a steady build up to the chorus which in itself is massive. “I, I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give I saw so many places the things that I did. Yeah, with every broken bone I swear I lived.” The statement behind those lyrics is huge and so personal to each individual. We’ve all got our own definition of living and this song, these lyrics, push that idea even further. It encourages it to take the pain, the doubt and all those dark areas of life and embrace them, let them make the beautiful moments even more colourful.

Currently on the last leg of their European tour before hopping back across the pond, OneRepublic promise more great things and even more memorable music. We look forward to every note.   

Review by Hev Bailey


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