Big Fat Lie by Nicole Scherzinger (Album Review)

Review of Big Fat Lie by Nicole Scherzinger

So Nicole Scherzinger has decided to live the more recent years of her eventful life in the public eye.  Rumours abound relating to her on -off and back on again relationship with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton haven’t helped. Although it seems this is finally one constant in her life.

Review of Nicole Scherzinger new album Big Fat Lie

Review of Nicole Scherzinger new album Big Fat Lie

She has also had a pretty mixed experience in her short spell as an X Factor judge, which in all fairness is pretty much forgotten now that Mel B and of course Cheryl are on the panel.  The most memorable element of her reign as a judge was those unusual combo words, such as stemming and of course her questionable states of soberness on the live shows.

As her music career appeared to fade following her start as a Pussycat Doll and an OK reaction to her solo career, Scherzy seemed intent on selling herself with any brand tie up.  Her questionable range with a fashion retailer and of course the high profile yoghurt commercials haven’t really done anything to endorse her as a serious or credible artist.

Most recently she has made some revelations about her personal life, including her struggle with bulimia.  This is probably the most admirable action she has undertaken and if her story can help even one person struggling with similar issues, she has redeemed herself for everything else.

Her latest solo album is entitled Big Fat Lie.  Now I hope for everyone’s benefit that the title isn’t linked to any of the previous paragraph.  I am sure it isn’t but the confessional nature of the album is hard to believe, entertain or even slightly buy in to given the title.

Scherzy has teamed up with some pretty major names to produce this album.  The Dream and Tricky Stewart are up there in the credits.  They undoubtedly need no introduction for most readers, however for those that don’t know, they have the likes of Rihanna’s Umbrella and seminal RnB track Single Ladies by Beyonce on their credits.

Whilst their are hints of this expertise on the album with some upbeat pop/RnB undertones, the album feels a little disjointed and perhaps lacking any real direction.  Like many pop albums it feels like just a collection of tracks and it definitely feels like the duo of The Dream and Tricky Stewart may have had external influences to deal with rather than to embrace.

That being said encouraging moments on the album include Your Love which is a pop track with dance influences.  There is also a funk enthused track called Electric Blue which certainly has a resemblance to an early Janet Jackson sound.

Sadly, those are probably the only tracks worthy of mention.  As a collection of tracks the range is definitely mixed and range from what can be politely described as disappointing all the way through the heights of OK.

Maybe the title is slightly responsible for my perception of the content of this album.  But as a listener, you fail to connect or even care about the twee confessional that Nicole Scherzinger delivers.  Her vocals don’t feel particularly strong, the lyrics aren’t really compelling or challenging to the listener and despite the expert production team, it too often falls down on the quality of the music as well.

All in all, not a good effort.  So on that basis Scherzy, stick to selling the dubious dairy products and we wish you well.


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