Ride by Vixen Fox ft S.E.F. (Review)

Review of Ride by Vixen Fox ft S.E.F.

As regular readers of this blog and our many thousands of Twitter follower will be aware, we get asked to look at loads of music.  We particularly seem to get asked to listen to small Hip Hop acts, that have blatantly decided to knock a couple of bars together in their room and say its a single.  Well another thing our regulars will be aware of, is that we don’t knock acts that haven’t made it, we just don’t cover it at all.

So, with the prelude, you can probably tell that there is something about Ride by Vixen Fox that we like, otherwise, it wouldn’t be here.

Review of Ride by Vixen Fox

Review of Ride by Vixen Fox

Well there is.  The female rap by Vixen Fox, whilst seemingly in need of some treatment to lift it, is really strong.  Vixen Fox has a real old school type of vibe in her delivery.  There are very slight hints of a Missy Elliot influence.  S.E.F. brings a husky type break from the main lyrical flow, which definitely adds to it.

The beats and backing track do have an electric influence to them.  Unlike many of its contemporaries the track doesn’t blur in to an EDM or dance track though.  It feels raw and true to its Hip Hop roots.  The meaning of the lyrics and sentiment of the story doesn’t really inspire the listener, but hey who cares.

Tight rap, good production and an interesting collaboration partner, means Ride by Vixen Fox is a quality listen.  Can’t wait to hear more from the girl.



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