Requiem by Zena Kitt (Review)

Review of Requiem by Zena Kitt

London based Zena Kitt has returned with a new single ‘Requiem’, the follow up to her massively haunting track ‘Gun’. Keeping with the beautiful and dark side of romance, Zena Kitt has taken her experience both professional and personal to create the next instalment for fans to feast their finely tuned ears on.

Review of Requiem by Zena Kitt

Review of Requiem by Zena Kitt

Much like the previous track Requiem is a slow start, a crawl of music and haunting vocals, but where ‘Gun’ spins off in to drum heavy choruses, this song continues down a much darker, much more surreal path where vocals drag over dark, electronic melodies in a swirl of subtle tones and Kate Bush like high notes.

There’s an almost futuristic sound to this track and it hints at surreal and sci-fi with blended electronic sounds a bird song samples. Steady throughout, the song flows on like a river with no real rise and fall, no apparent change of course but yet it doesn’t feel boring. It’s a spellbinding song, vocals hypnotic and transporting altogether making this track both exotic and comforting.

With such a similar yet contrasting sound to her previous single, it’s interesting to see where Zena Kitt will take things next. With a promise of more music and shows across the London area, it seems we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Review by Hev Bailey


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