The Exits by The Exits (Album Review)

Review of The Exits debut Self-Titled Album

The Exits Self Titled Debut Album

The Exits Self Titled Debut Album

It’s been a long and winding road for Portsmouth based band The Exits, but through blood, sweat, tears and tantrums they’ve finally arrived at that all important milestone – the debut album. This December, with the help of Criminal Records, the electro-indie rockers will unleash this monster in the making on to the global rock scene and we, for one, at Music Eyz, are simply thrilled for the lads.

The album starts with Let The Damage Begin, an exciting blend of classed rock and synth that introduced the album perfectly and leads on beautifully to track two, You Gotta Help Me Out. This track boasts a great club intro which eagerly chases after sounds similar to those we’ve seen from the likes of Pendulum, complete with forceful bass lines that drive the track from start to finish. The Fear Inside has more of a haunting sound that crawls from the speakers, building with anticipation as fresh beats and noisy riffs kick in and continue on to the following track Life Lines. Fever is a great driving track with its light summer feel and steady building beats. Dead on Arrival has a heavy-on-the-synth intro, reminiscent of that time My Chemical Romance attempted an electro phase with that track ‘Zero Percent’. The rest of the track fizzles a little quieter with a softer, bluesy feel. Putting the elecro vibe on hold, How Long Is Forever is just pure clean rock with booming vocals and piercing guitar riffs.

I Wanna Know brings forth a very strong HIM feel, y’know that haunting vocals and slow gothic rock mixture that fills your head with images of skinny pale men in leather pants wandering aimlessly around abandoned castles. That slow sort of feel continues on to the following track Fall From Grace, electro vibe well and truly forgotten. Tears is not as the name suggests, its upbeat, foot tapping melodies and thrumming bass lines – a real hidden gem which is uncovered pleasantly. Our beloved electro rock mix is then suddenly back with Smoke in the Room, bluesy guitar riffs and synths galore!

The album begins to draw to its close with Broken smile, an upbeat and melodic little number packed with rocky rises and falls and electro breakdowns. The final track, Trip, is fast paced with dark and dirty riffs, teetering the track on the gritty side of rock and ending the album with a perfect punch.

The Exits self-titled and debut album is packed to the rafters with various sounds, covering every music mood any rock fan could possibly feel. A great debut and a promising start to what will hopefully be an equally promising career.

Album favourites: The Fear Inside, Fever, Tears and Trip.

Review by Hev Bailey


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