Come Back by Pale (Review)

Review of Come Back by Pale

Pale, adjective 1). Light in colour or shade; containing little colour or pigment when used as an adjective. 2). Inferior or unimpressive.
Ok, let’s scrap 2 and go with 1. Synonyms include muted, subtle, soft, low-key.
Cool. That’s got them alright.

Come Back by Pale

Come Back by Pale

Pale, an experimental, trip hop sounding duo from London, have produced an understated mix of an electronic synth-pop vibe against a mellow mood of a backdrop with their track entitled, “Come Back” released from their EP of the same name. It’s seriously good and to me is reminiscent of that transitional period from very late 80s into early 90s electronica.

I went back to this period of time in my collection to find a link. Don’t get me wrong, this outfit has a refreshing sound but there’s something of that “something old, something new, something borrowed…” feel to it and when learning anything new you always try to relate it to something that you’ve already come across in the past. So here’s what I found.

The impact of the mood is similar to what The Beloved achieved. Take a listen to Spirit from their Conscience album for instance for that dreaminess element. The agitated, scratchy sound is nostalgic of the 80s but it’s being carried along on a Portishead style electronica, the guitar rift at around the 1:35 mark being of mid-to late 80s though. The whole composition reminding me of movie tracks from that era. Will I even mention Massive Attack? Is there any need to? Despite this being a sorrowful, longing and melancholic number there’s still a layer of seduction which I picked up on and it brought to me more recent listenings say from The XX for example.

This, is a clever little number.

The lyrics are of a love lost and a longing to have it return. The visuals are stark and clear the mind. A modern day version of the kaleidoscope, unfolding and captivating. Take from it whatever artistic interpretation you will but it’s a perfect blend of lighting, texture and movement that suit the mood of those honest vocals and overall sound of the track.

Pale, verb: seem or become less important. “All else pales by comparison.”

A very interesting discovery this weekend and my head has been turned by Pale for their understated, air of coolness. You always have to look out for those quiet ones 😉

Review by Nicola Timmons


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